The funeral of Soke

On 29th November, 2016, Soke Iwao Tamotsu passed away among the watch of his family at Headquater of Renshinkan. He was 69 years old.

In 2000, he succeeded Soke, the 2nd. After that, he had been loved and respected for 16 years, as the leader of Renshinkan and as martial artist who give dream and hope to youth.

He had been making an effort toward modernization and internationalization on Karate way, and held on first Shorinji-Ryu International Friendship Karate-Do Championship. Third championship was held in Taiwan where the founder old Isam Tamotsu started the martial art.

He not only spread the Karate way, also devoted to the educational support for disadvantaged children in India, international exchange, and welfare activity. To apeal the actual condition of disadvantaged countries, he performed the charity activities and lecture circuits initiatively, and spread idea of support. Also, he tried hard to the social action program, such as relief work for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Any time, for anyone, he carried out the philanthropic spirits. He devotes his entire life to form the human-being through the karate way and to grow the sound youth.

The sudden news of death made world shocked. On 3 December, many disciples all over the world visited to the headquater and more than 1000 people attended a funeral. The headquarter was filled with deep grief.


image122004Since the day that the news of death was released, many condolers visited to the headquater everyday. In front of Soke, they say “Arigatogozaimashita (thank you.)” He taught and led us, sometimes strictly, sometimes softly. Lots of people dropped tears or pressed own eyes.

The funeral was held on at Bugakusha, in front of Hakuryudo, and parking place of headquarter. In addition, the view of funeral at Bugakusha was provided on the internet. The disciples all over the world regretted Soke’s death.

Not only disciples, but also leaders of various quarters attended the funeral. A condolence telegram from Shinzo Abe (prime minister of Japan), condolence speech by 5 people include Satoshi Mitazono (the governor of a Kagoshima prefecture, ) and letter from disciples were dedicated to Soke.

On this day, the sky was blue, there were not cloud. The spirit of Soke became a dragon and run up the blue sky.
He might watch us and the future of Renshinkan with strict eyes and spirit of love from sky.


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