43rd Shorinji-ryu Renshinkan All Japan Karate-do Tournament


Date: August 5. 2012
Start: 9:00
Venue: Okayama Athletic Center
Theme: 心(KOKORO)

Okayama has fine days the most in Japan. Under the blue sky, the sun shone unrelentingly.
There are extreme heat and participants’ spirit that flamed up. The venue became heated stage.

“I’m glad to hold this tournament and appreciate everyone in Okayama area include Mr. Matsuo to organize this tournament a year.”
The opening of chairman’s opening speech started with words of appreciation for everyone who organized this tournament. The light and shadow are inseparable. To light on the shadow. It is just like the his kind speech to start the speech with considerate words.
“The competition grows human being. Develop oneself with friends. I hope that everyone will develop at this tournament, and wish more power to everyone.”
In this tournament, some participants come from England, U.S.A., India, Taiwan. 1,093 martial artists held competition.

Yuka Shirakura from Kagoshima won the second Kata competition for women. She was chosen MVP in this competition.
In the Kata competition for men, Ryuichi Nidome from Kagoshima and Yuta Tamotsu move to final. Both of them showed the Katas that were full of spirit, but Ryuichi won the competition.
In the competition for men who are high school students, Aki area in Hiroshima prefecture won first and third, and Okayama Area got first and third in the competition for women who are high school student. In the Kata competition, the students from China showed the Kata well.




In the Kumite competition, Shingo Kai who is in lightweight class and from Okayama attracted all attention. He moved to final predictably and won the fifth Kumite competition for men in lightweight class.
In heavyweight class, Masaki Imamura from Kagoshima won even though he had a long absence.
In the competition for women, Yurina Furuya who aims second victory and Sayana Suzuki from Kagoshima moved to final. Sayana beat Yurina. It was really close.
Kawauchi area in Osaka prefecture won in middle weight class for men, lightweight class for men who is high school student, and for women who is high school student. They showed power in Kumite competition.



Even though the tournament in Okayama showed a lot of scene that stay in heart, the tournament ended with delights and reflections. Appreciated the planning committee, participants’ parents and everyone involved.
Next tournament will hold at Kagoshima where the Renshinkan started at. We hope every participant will develop more, and they will show more better and heated competitions.


The table of results (If you click the picture, it will be bigger.)

第43回 少林寺流錬心舘全国空手道選手権大会成績一覧

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